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Drilling Cuttings Box

Drilling Cuttings Box

    Drilling cuttings box is mainly used in offshore drilling platform site cooperate with drilling cuttings recycling equipment in drilling cuttings recovery work, storage boxes, etc., so that the drilling waste to the handling or discharge location, the drilling cuttings box is a sealed container, to reduce the risk of leakage, can be stacked

    HZX drilling cuttings box technical parameters
    Body size: 2160 * 1234 * 1202.5 mm
    Body weight: 900 kg
    Work load: 8000 kg
    Body volume: 2.3 cubic meters
    Material: box body is made of Marine steel plate, door hinge, pin shaft rotational parts, such as and fixed kumar, the fixed foot adopts 316 stainless steel, etc.

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