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Fracturing fluid storage tank
Fracturing fluid storage tank
Fracturing fluid storage tank
Fracturing fluid storage tank

Fracturing fluid storage tank

    Fracturing fluid storage tank car engine main technical parameters

    A: Tanks
    1. volume and warehouse: total volume of 70.5 cubic (according to the customer need to customize), warehouse structure.
    2. tank type: at the bottom of the V type, all round for the wavy, at the top of the tablet. 3. tank material: Q235B carbon steel material, wall thickness 5 mm.
    4. head: both ends for wavy, wall thickness 6 mm.

    5. washboard: wavy, wall thickness 4 mm, each with 500 mm diameter manhole, a total of 4.

    B: Piping and components
    1. manhole cover: 3 sets of fast installation open manhole, a central mounted on the roof, an installation, at the end of the roof of a front mounted on the roof.
    2. pipe: the tail of a feed pipe, tank before 8 inch tube, with 4 4 "fast connection.
    3. level gauge: front installation of tank level gauge
    4. antistatic device: with antistatic device, telescopic guyed electrostatic plate;Install conducting electrostatic belt in the tail.
    C: Tank accessories
    1. the roof walkway: tank top electrode shape, central antiskid galvanized steel mesh.
    2. side protective device: at the bottom of the tank welding steel channel side protection. 3. after the protective device: made of channel steel.
    4. escalators, central on the right side of tank made of steel staircase.

    D: Frame of a car
    1, traction pin: 50 # traction pin (specialty)
    2, semi-trailer frame: 16 mn material girder
    3, semi-trailer axle: single axle suspension, the 13 - ton fuhua axle 1 root.
    4, wheels and tires: 4 sets of 12 r22. 5 fengshen vacuum tire and zhengxing rims. (optional other models)
    5, electrical lines: 24 v voltage system, seven pinhole socket is installed on the front plate of tank.
    E: Tanks surface coating and figure
    1. coating paint types: two anti-rust primer, paint.
    2. paint color: tanks and accessories are all green.

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