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Nested  Water Tank
Nested  Water Tank
Nested  Water Tank
Nested  Water Tank

Nested Water Tank

    Product features:

    Save space when moving

    Corrugated structure, strong bearing capacity

    Automatic water supply, explosion proof design

    Non-toxic anti-corrosion lining, meet the demand well site


    HSG nested water tank is mainly used in oil drilling production water and living water supply, It is the most important water supply equipment. HL Petroleum can produce various specifications of oil tank at present, such as living water tank, cooling water tank, industrial water tank, Water tanks including explosion-proof pump, electric control cabinet, switches, lamps and lanterns is heating and heat preservation facilities, can very good satisfy wellsite and civil use requirement of different environmental conditions.

    Drinking water tank is reached drinking water standard by our factory is developed, since the application of the drilling workers get the praise, improve the living conditions in the well site.

    Cooling water tank has a effective cooling equipment. Including fan, radiator, radiator, fan shell cover and other parts. Upper cooling equipment, using the interface connected to the brake system, the interface connected to the tank. In this way, the hot water from the braking system can flow water tank after cooling. Under the action of cooling water in water tank pumps can return brake system, so as to realize the recycling of water. Make the tank in the cooling system device prizing type base can be either crane lifting, also can realize hauling.

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